Going Online@VCU Certificate Program

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Surviving Remote@VCU

Surviving Remote@VCU is tailored for faculty that must move a face-to-face course to emergency remote teaching in response to a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surviving Remote@VCU is a 100% asynchronous course consisting of two modules, with one week allotted for the completion of each module. There are no required assignments, just helpful suggestions and each module can be completed, if the participant chooses to complete everything, in about 3 hours each week. The course is designed for faculty to follow a logical pathway that takes them through an amended instructional design process but in such a way where they can go faster or slower through certain parts that they either already know or may not pertain to them. It also gives them the option, for certain course elements, to get feedback from an instructional designer (again, optional but free! assistance). The course also covers basic technical skills (creating a course shell in Blackboard, editing the menu, creating tests, etc.) for those that need it!

New cohorts begin every Monday through June 15th as this course is designed for SUMMER faculty still emergency transitioning to remote teaching.