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Connected Learning for a Networked World

ALT Lab models and inspires connected learning for a networked world through faculty development, student engagement, communities of practice, and technology enhanced active learning. We cultivate distinctive experiences of deeper learning fostered by high engagement for student success. For disambiguation...

Faculty Development

“I don’t think education is about centralized instruction anymore; rather, it is the process of establishing oneself as a node in a broad network of distributed creativity.” – Joichi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab

ALT Lab invites faculty to participate in professional learning communities meant to enhance their ability to inquire, imagine, inspire, engage, facilitate, create, teach, and lead.  Our faculty development embodies the same connected learning principles we promote for use with students, capitalizing on collective intelligence, openly networked resources, and digital technologies while meeting shared and individual faculty goals.  We use a connected learning model because we believe in its power for everyone—students, faculty, and ourselves.  ALT Lab offers a variety of informal and formal opportunities for connection including our digital storytelling program, brown bag series, online learning experiences, small group consultation hours, and social media presence.

And while ALT Lab agrees that real growth requires effort, commitment, and work, we also believe that work should be fun.  We have fun at ALT Lab and are looking for others who want to have fun at work, too.  For more information on our programming, click here.


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