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How to Find (and Organize) Better Course Material

The Internet is a big place. We’ll explore fertile grounds for multimedia content, advanced search patterns to find better content faster, and ways to save and organize all the great things you’ve found.

This workshop makes sense if you want to-

  • expand the media you use in your course (online, blended, or face-to-face)
  • find good resources faster
  • organize the media you find so that you can reuse it or share it with others in efficient ways
  • understand the advantages of online bookmarking and tagging

Concrete things you’ll leave with include-

  • Google Advanced search options to find specific file types, search specific domains, and other powerful restrictors
  • a list of helpful media repositories for various media types
  • a list of open educational repositories
  • an overview of Creative Commons copyright licensing


This page contains an overview of the topic with lots of links.

Searching options in Google

Open Educational Resources (OER)/Creative Commons Media


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