Innovative Learning Media

Have you considered bringing multiple forms of media to bear on the learning experiences you design?

Whether teaching online or face-to-face, weaving media into the design of your course can really help to bring your subject matter to life for your students. ALT Lab helps faculty to become media content creators; whether it be short videos, podcasts, digital stories, and more. Together we can figure out what the best fit is for you and your content, and come up with creative storytelling solutions. We also encourage faculty to seek out media resources that are already out there on the open web.

Students can also create great content that helps further their own and their peers’ understanding of the material. We would love to discuss ways in which assignments can incorporate media, to foster student creativity and aptitude for storytelling, reflection, and presentation.

Additionally, we provide a video service for all faculty interested in making course trailer videos for their classes. We think this is a valuable tool for students as they decide what classes they want to take. Also, course trailers can provide a useful description of class content, establish a social presence of the instructor, and offer students information pertinent to the structure and expectations of the course.

If you are interested in exploring innovative learning media for your courses and/or programs, contact Molly Ransone.


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