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A massive experiment at Virginia Commonwealth University involving
7,000 blogs could lead to a new view on how college students learn.

Why Blogging Is Key to the Future of Higher Ed

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Academic Learning Transformation Lab

Connected Learning for a Networked World

ALT Lab models and inspires connected learning for a networked world through faculty development, student engagement, communities of practice, and technology enhanced active learning. We cultivate distinctive experiences of deeper learning fostered by high engagement for student success. See also...

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The Office of Online Academic Programs (Online@VCU) and ALT Lab
collaborate with schools, departments and faculty members to design
and offer a variety of online or hybrid courses and programs

Blackboard, WordPress, or Both?

I recently chatted with some incoming faculty at an orientation event.  When I mentioned Rampages–our multi-site WordPress install–for course sites, some faculty asked why they would want to use this, given that Blackboard is the default LMS here at VCU.  Good question, so I thought I’d sketch out some of the thinking below.  —————————- Blackboard is the default […]

Photography – Week 87 & 88

Photography – Week 87 & 88

Working My Sites Filter

So previously I was struggling with stripping out the Participants blogs that the bbPress/BuddyPress combo was adding to the My Sites list. I got it working and added a bit to deal with it kicking out blogs a little too aggressively. First to get the actual name of the Participant slug, I made a page […]

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